frequently asked questions

I have not done yoga class before, where do I start?
What are postures /Asanas?
Where should I practice?
What class style should I choose?
Is there a time of the day that is best for me to practice?
What should I wear?
What do I need to practice?
Can I eat or drink before I practice?
Is there anything that I should eat to benefit my practice?
What should I do during my practice?
How will I feel during or after my class?
Can I still practice if I am taking any medications?
Can I still practice if I am pregnant?
Is there anything I should never do when I practice?
What if I don’t feel like practicing?
Is there anything else I should know?
How do I access the livestream?
What time zone are the classes?
What do I need?
Are the classes interactive?
What if I miss the livestream?
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